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Baby Massage Therapy In Bristol
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Developmental Baby Massage in Bristol
The first year of life is crucial in the development of the child and of the adult the child will become. Babies thrive when they feel they are welcome, safe, loved and accepted. They come to know these things through us; our touch, our interaction, our engaged presence. Offer this gift and you are laying down the strongest foundations from which your baby can thrive.

For parents -and mothers recovering from pregnancy and childbirth in particular, the first few months after having a baby can be utterly exhausting and overwhelming, with little or no time to recover from giving birth. Receiving support and nurturing at this time may be crucial for your wellbeing as well as your capacity to care for your little one. Here is a gift you can offer to yourself. I specialise in bodywork for both mother and infant and teach you tools that will benefit and empower you both. I offer this baby therapy from my clinic in Bristol.
Baby Massage in Bristol
What are the benefits of Baby Shiatsu?
I offer developmental baby massage sessions in Bristol where I work directly with your baby. I incorporate aspects of baby massage, shiatsu, baby yoga, baby body language therapy and developmental movement patterning to provide therapeutic support for babies up to walking age.

You may choose to bring your baby to me to address issues such as colic, reflux, constipation, sleep difficulties or developmental delay. But there needn’t be anything wrong with your baby to benefit from a treatment. I also provide you with games, massage techniques or handling ideas for use at home in between sessions. Babies remain clothed throughout the session, please dress your baby in something loose and comfy. Often babies need a really good sleep after a session.

“A wonderful shiatsu from you Leonie - thank you so much. The perfect balance of support and relaxation, in a sensitive and professional way. Loving the oil blends too!”
Jo Pillinger

OmBaby Massage in Bristol offers you a gentle introduction to developmental baby massage. The classes provide a relaxed and supportive environment in which you can enjoy getting to know your baby through sharing practices that will benefit you both. Over four weeks you will gain confidence using touch and movement to support your baby, enhancing the sensitivity and bond between you and helping you to tune into what your baby best needs. You will be taught a range of techniques and skills that you can incorporate into your daily life that support your baby’s physiological and emotional development, so you know you are giving them the best possible start in life. This course includes some gentle postnatal yoga, so please wear loose, comfortable clothes. Oil is provided but please bring a towel that you don’t mind getting oil on. Booking is essential.
Development Baby Massage Classes in Bristol
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Five Week OmBaby Massage Course

Do you have a newborn baby? Do you know how to do a massage? A baby massage course will help you understand how treat him or her at a tender age. It also enables the baby the exercise while improve the flow of blood in the body. How should one do it? Here are the steps:

Step one is about gaining confidence using touch movements as a way of engaging with your baby, improving the bond between you, sensitivity and helping you understand the needs of your baby. In addition, you will learn on a wide range of skills and techniques that you can easily incorporate daily to your baby to support his or her emotional and physiological development, thus helping you understand how to give the best in the early stages of life.

After covering the basics facts about babies, we will help you expand on the common oiled massage sequence that you can try at home every day. The massage program will include several remedial techniques that may assist with common issues like wind, teething, constipation, and settling. By doing this course, you will have an opportunity of practicing, exploring and adapting the baby yoga as the baby moves through the new development stages. Since class also includes several gentle postnatal yoga, you should wear loose and comfortable clothes. We provide oil during the classes, so bring a towel, which you will use whenever you need to learn more skills.
The OmBaby Approach
With passion on working with babies and supporting their smooth transition right from womb to the new world, I have helped parents to feel more comfortable when relating and handling their babies by touch.

During my career, I have mastered the skills that I teach to offer opportunity for those parents who need to confidently provide their babies the life that would make them feel safe, secure and loved, through setting up a more solid foundation for their emotional wellbeing throughout this life.

I believe that I have an approach that rests upon the attitude of getting into the new world of the newborn baby, with curiosity, reverence, and empathy, recognising that every baby has just made one of the biggest transitions in this life.
OmBaby Massage Course in Bristol
My On Baby massage course in Bristol provides you a gentle developmental baby massage introduction and baby yoga. We have classes that offer supportive and relaxed environment where you can get to understand your baby well through sharing many practices, which will benefit both of you in this life.
Caring about a baby can be hectic when you are not prepared. We will help you understand the challenges of having a baby such as lack of sleep and frequent cries. You will learn on how to take care of the baby in terms of health. After the program, you will understand how your baby will live his or her life better without having to face many challenges of life today. Ultimately, you will learn on how to get them to sleep and stop them from crying frequently.
Care For Mum and Baby With Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy Massage in Bristol
Pregnancy can be a stressful process for most mums. Morning sickness, fatigue, ankle swelling, and other ailments can make what should be an exciting time rather difficult. Relaxing is a vital part of ensuring a healthy baby as stress can cause obstacles before and during birth. Many women have benefited from getting massages during their term and received great results. Having massage therapy when pregnant can help to ease anxieties and tension in the body and mind. It is a great compliment to a woman's regular prenatal routine. Massaging can help improve back pain, joint pain, and circulation throughout the body. It can help women to sleep better at night, and reduce the symptoms of depression and other mood changes brought about by elevated or spastic hormones. Massage therapy can increase serotonin, dopamine, and other chemicals in your brain to improve your mental health and wellbeing. When getting a massage, Leonie will concentrate on problem areas such as the pelvis, lower back, joints, and head. She can provide your with pillows or cushions to give full support to Mother and 'bump'. Depending on what stage or trimester a woman is in, she may wish to change her positions during the massage, like laying on her side or back if close to her due date. Since migraines and headaches are common during some pregnancies, Leonie can concentrate on relieving this with detailed head and neck massage. Pregnancy massages can be an effective way to make the nine months you have with your infant more enjoyable and stress-free.
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