baby massage in Bristol

Baby Therapies

Give your baby the best possible start in life and see the amazing results that Developmental Baby Massage can bring. The first year of life is crucial in the development of the child and of the adult the child will become. Babies thrive when they feel they are welcome, safe, loved and accepted. They come to know these things through us; our touch, our interaction, our engaged presence. Offer this gift by learning how you can hold, play with and massage your baby and you are laying down the strongest foundations from which your little one can thrive.

Developmental Baby Massage - Therapeutic Treatment For Your Baby
In one treatment, I incorporate aspects of baby massage, shiatsu, baby yoga, baby body language therapy and developmental movement patterning to provide therapeutic support for babies from birth up to walking age. I work with your baby through clothes at the pace that they are happy with. You-the parent are always present and involved. Babies often make a developmental leap after only one session.


60 Minutes - £55

£15 extra for home visit