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Are you looking for a strong, deep therapeutic massage in Bristol that really works?

Well Raynor Massage is an effective massage that has the single focus of finding and removing tension from the body. It originates from Australia and combines the best elements of many traditional healing therapies including Thai, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Lomi Lomi. Leonie is delighted to be offering this powerful massage in Bristol.

Raynor Massage has been proven to help alleviate the discomfort of sciatica, trapped nerves, back pain and sore necks. It can work on a deeper level than regular Sports Massage as it always looks at the body holistically. So rather than looking at areas of the body in isolation. Leonie will make an assessment of where you are holding your tension and then work to release it from it's source.

The Raynor Massage therapist also understands that tension can be held both physically and emotionally. So someone who, for example is going through a period of extra stress can feel enormous relief from being able to let go of the associated emotional tension. This treatment can often have the double effect of leaving people somewhat relaxed, yet bursting with energy! A deep therapeutic massage in Bristol that really works.
Are you tired of ineffective massage treatments? Can't find someone to get in to those tight spots?
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Benefits Of Therapeutic Massage

When it comes to dealing with chronic pain and aches, leg muscle tightness, a stiff neck, sore shoulders, upper and low back pain, deep tissue massage is a treatment option that many doctors recommend. Although some of the strokes used are similar to those used in the normal massage therapy, deep tissue massage uses slower movements, deeper pressure and concentrates on the areas with tension and pain. I use trigger points from my shiatsu training combined with longer flowing strokes to help the body to release and feel more connected.

“Leonie has a deeply caring and professional approach that instantaneously opened up a channel for my own healing. I felt very safe and deeply relaxed with her touch as intuition clearly guides her hands. I highly recommend this therapist with her depth of emotional intelligence and experience in the therapeutic arts.”
Sophie Bolton

What are the benefits of having therapeutic massage with Leonie in Bristol?

Reduces blood pressure
Studies have shown that therapeutic massage can reduce the heart rate by up to 10 beats per minute. It also results in lower diastolic and systolic pressure.

Stress relief
This therapy can help reduce the stress caused by demands at work or at home. It is also an effective treatment for chronic stress and its various side-effects such as tight muscles, rigid shoulders and tension headaches.

Heals injured muscles
Therapeutic massage is one of the most effective treatments when dealing with muscular injuries in athletes. In addition to aligning the tight or twisted muscles, it also helps in removing toxins from those muscles. It also offers relief from muscular pain by relaxing the muscles.

Eases movement
Therapeutic massage improves lymphatic circulation and therefore improves flexibility in the affected area. This happens when the scar tissue is broken up and erased from the body. The range of motion is also improved.
Therapeutic Massage For Emotional Tension
In today's society, a huge number of people suffer from various levels of mental health conditions like stress, depression and anxiety. As the numbers increase, more people are opting for traditional treatment methods like massage therapy. People looking for a deep tissue, therapeutic massage in Bristol will find this to be an extremely powerful solution.

Deep tissue massage is one of the well-known hands-on therapies that can help improve your emotional well-being. How exactly does this form of treatment benefit you? Stress management Deep tissue massage therapy involves the systematic, rhythmical manipulation and rubbing of the muscles.

By working on sore, tense and aching muscles caused by day-to-day demands of work and home, this form of therapy helps alleviate muscle tension and improve relaxation by boosting nervous system activity.

Regular massage will help you manage stress and enjoy natural stress-relieving effects like decreased blood pressure, heart rate variability and nervous system regulation.
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Massage in Bristol For Anxiety
Anxiety is a common problem that many people go through due to life stresses. If you're dealing with specific anxiety disorders like social anxiety, post-traumatic stress and panic attack disorders, deep tissue massage can help you alleviate and managed your anxiety. Even a single session can offer some mild benefits. A series of massage therapy sessions has been found to be the most beneficial, especially for chronic anxiety disorders. Helps manage depression. Depression can be a distressing and painful experience. By working with a deep tissue massage therapist, you can get proper treatment to manage your depression. Therapeutic massage therapy helps you feel more relaxed and deal with emotional issues that threaten to spiral out of control. The power of touch helps reduce adrenaline and cortisol, as well as increasing the production of feel-good hormones like dopamine that reduce anxiety and depression. Industry research continues to point towards massage therapy treatment as an effective approach to positively impacting the body's biochemistry. Therapeutic massage is a leading complementary approach that can help manage and treat emotional and mental health ailments like stress, anxiety and depression.
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