Raynor Massage

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Raynor Massage

What is Raynor Massage?

Raynor Massage could be described as both a holistic and a deep tissue massage. It is derived from Eastern massage techniques and it's primary goal is to relieve residual tension and muscle tightness and return the body to its natural state of relaxation. I work intuitively, using my hands, elbows and forearms to follow bands of tension in the body help the tension to release through five ‘anchor points.’

Anchor Points - Head, hands and feet.

I incorporate detailed and focussed work on these areas as not only do they hold a great deal of tension but I find that working peripherally induces a deep state of relaxation and letting go. These anchor points have a strong relationship with the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS), the part of the nervous system that controls the relaxation response. 

Raynor Massage and the Parasympathetic Nervous System

When the PNS is active, the body has the ability to move out of Sympathetic activation (the stress state) and into deep states of rest, encouraging healthy function of the body systems such as improved blood flow to the organs, a lowered heartbeat, healthy digestion, strong immunity, relaxed sensory processing, and improved sleeping patterns.

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What should I expect from a treatment?

As well as the long deep strokes and kneading techniques of Raynor Massage, I incorporate Energy Healing, Aromatherapy and focussed Acupressure and Trigger Release work to help free up areas of tension. Releasing areas of tension makes available stagnant or blocked life force energy (Prana or Qi) and this is why my clients regularly report feeling more energised and having a greater sense of vitality after a treatment.


The session time allows for a brief check in and time to get undressed and dressed before and after the massage. I leave my client to get undressed down to their underwear and lay under a sheet. For the massage I use almond as a base oil mixed with high quality organic essential oils (Please let me know if you have any nut or other allergies and I can substitute an alternative oil). I work into the neck and head so some oil can get onto the hair. Please let me know to avoid this if you’re off to a meeting or similar afterwards. Please do drink plenty of water following the treatment to help everything flush through and to prevent being achey the following day.


75 Minutes - £65

90 Minutes - £75

120 Minutes £95

£15 extra for home visit