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Shiatsu in Bristol
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What is Shiatsu?
Are you looking for Shiatsu in Bristol? Maybe you're looking for something a bit different from oil massage and not sure what Shiatsu is? Shiatsu is a form of therapeutic bodywork from Japan. It is a safe and effective holistic therapy that connects into and strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. Shiatsu treatments can reduce stress in the body, remove tension and contribute to overall physical and emotional wellbeing.

Shiatsu often brings the recipient into a deep state of relaxation which is where the most powerful healing can take place.

Shiatsu helps with many different conditions

  • Stress and associated conditions, digestive complaints, IBS, bloating, constipation, heartburn.

  • Chronic fatigue, exhaustion, sleep problems, insomnia.

  • Muscular-skeletal pain including lower back, shoulder, neck and joints

  • Menstrual issues, irregularity, menopausal, hormonal conditions and PMT

  • Headaches, and migraines

Invites A State Of Deep Relaxation

  • Resource, replenish and deeply relax.

  • Deactivate chronic stress patterns.

  • Address emotional issues which may be affecting your physical health and wellbeing.

  • Treat existing pain, illness or injury.

  • Prevent illness and restore, maintain and promote lasting good health.
Shiatsu in Bristol - Traditional Holistic Healing

What should I expect from Shiatsu?

A Shiatsu treatment is conducted without oil through light comfortable clothing. A typical treatment combines the application of pressure alongside stretches, joint mobilisation, kneading and simple holding. This kind of touch invites a deep state of relaxation through which healing and transformation become a natural process.

The depth and strength of pressure varies according to the receiver’s condition and body type, the area of the body being worked, and the nature of the treatment. The Shiatsu touch can vary from being very strong and deep, to a more subtle, light contact, depending on what is needed.
Using hand/thumb pressure along the body’s meridians, stretches, joint mobilisation and simple holding, Shiatsu invites a deep state of relaxation during which healing and transformation become a natural process.
Shiatsu is traditionally performed on a futon, clients remain fully clothed and sessions last for one hour.

“Leonie is fab! Attentive, thoughtful and graceful when she works with bodies. My body will be eternally grateful. I would recommend Leonie to anyone.”
Rachel Flemming

Leonie Klein uses traditional methods from the East offering you Shiatsu in Bristol
What does Shiatsu Feel Like?
Shiatsu treatments vary greatly depending on the training style of the practitioner but also what each client needs depending on their state of health and what may be going on for them. When you come to me for your Shiatsu in Bristol we would spend some time discussing how you feel in your body, how you’ve been since the last session and what you want from the treatment. The rest of the time is devoted to the Shiatsu itself. Shiatsu treatments can feel very pleasant and relaxing but can also bring you into relationship with feelings or emotions that are held in the body. This is a natural part of the healing process and anything that comes up is always welcomed as such.

Treatments can be strong and you will find they often deeply releasing both physically and emotionally. Sometimes the experience becomes more subtle and you will notice a tangible energetic quality moving around the body. Shiatsu often brings the recipient into a deep state of relaxation which is where the most powerful healing can take place. Each treatment is a response to each individual in each moment.

I have a solid background of training in both theory and practice in all of my disciplines which allows me to work intuitively, allowing my hands and heart to guide me through each treatment. My style has been described as strong, deep and powerful as well as tender, attentive and nurturing.
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