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My Approach

I am ever awed by the simple, yet incredible power of touch to invite healing, provoke transformation and to bring us back into a sense of connection.

Healing means ‘to make whole’ and I believe that coming back to wholeness is a movement towards self-acceptance and self- love. We realise that everything is already inherently and intimately connected. We are already whole.

Therapeutically, my approach is to welcome what ‘is’, including the parts we may naturally resist; the discomfort, pain, contraction, fears, resentment, wants, doubts, exhaustion, symptoms of illness....

When we engage with and listen to the body speak, and embrace the richness and wonders of all that we are, we can access the innate life force energy that moves within us and open ourselves to the abundant resources available to us. Profound and lasting transformation can take place.

I offer deep releasing bodywork that is led by the wisdom of your body to help bring you back into alignment with your true state of vitality, dynamic health and emotional wellbeing.


My Journey

Motivated by an intrigue of the healing arts, a dedication to personal discovery and not least my own love of receiving bodywork, I completed my initial Shiatsu training and graduated as a practitioner in 2001.

Subsequently, over the years, I have explored and practiced a number of different approaches to healing and bodywork including Shiatsu, Massage, Qi Gong, Meditation, Yoga and Chakra Healing.

I am engaged in ongoing professional development, supervision and self practice to support and help me to deepen in my work.

Professional Development

I am a fully registered and insured member of the Shiatsu Society (MRSS) and I attend ongoing training and supervision in both massage and shiatsu. I have undergone the following trainings and work placements alongside my private clinical practice:

  • 2017-2018 Locum Shiatsu practitioner at Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre, Bristol

  • 2017-2018 Locum Shiatsu practititioner at Chandos House Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre, Bristol

  • 2016 Raynor Massage Practitioner Diploma

  • 2016-2017 Macmillan Trust-training and volunteer work giving shiatsu to people with cancer.

  • 2016 Infant Shiatsu Teaching Diploma, Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke

  • 2014-2018 Ongoing Transformational Dialogue and Postgrad Shiatsu trainings, Keith Phillips

  • 2013 Developmental Baby Massage Teaching Certificate, Peter Walker

  • 2012- Infant Shiatsu Teaching Certificate , Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke

  • 2012 Baby Therapy Practitioners Certificate, Institute of Pre and Peri-natal Education (IPPE)

  • 2011-2014 Teaching Assistant on the 3 year Shiatsu Training at the Bristol School of Shiatsu

  • 2010 Shiatsu MRSS (Member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society), Bristol

  • 2009 Shiatsu and the Lightbody Training-Nicola Ley/Mercedes Nunez

  • 2008 Postnatal Recovery Yoga Teaching Certificate, SitaRam, London

  • 2008 Pregnancy and Postnatal Shiatsu Practitioner, Modules 1 and 3, Well Mother, Bristol

  • 2007 Post-graduate Shiatsu Certificate, Shiatsu College, Italy

  • 2007 Baby yoga and Postnatal yoga Teaching Diploma, Birthlight, Cambridge

  • 2001 Zen Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma, The Shiatsu College, Edinburgh

  • 1999 Thai Massage Advanced Practitioner Training, Askonanda, Thailand

  • 1998 Thai Massage Practitioner Training, Thai master Pichet Boonthume, Thailand

My Mission

I am in service to enriching the lives of others through my work with grace and humility; to generating more kindness and love through offering my own; to the ongoing quest of conscious embodied presence; to deepening connections; to living this amazing life as fully as I am able and embace all it may encompass in it’s chaos and perfection. May all beings be happy and find peace. May we all find beauty and may we all know love.

“Every step taken on this Earth is a prayer.” 

The Lakota Sioux