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Shiatsu massage adjustment in Bristol
Shiatsu therapist in Bristol massaging neck

Shiatsu is a safe and effective holistic therapy that supports and strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself.

I treat intuitively, holding and stimulating acupressure points and using stretches and limb rotations to open, connect and create space and movement within the body. 

Treatments often bring the recipient into a deep state of relaxation which is where the most powerful healing can take place.

Shiatsu treatments can be of therapeutic benefit for all kinds of health issues. I have helped clients with the following conditions:

  • Stress symptoms - digestive complaints, anxiety, exhaustion, insomnia, headaches

  • Shoulder, back, neck, jaw and other muscular tension and discomfort

  • Stiffness, lack of mobility, joint issues

  • Post-operative recovery

  • Postnatal recovery

  • Chemotherapy side effects and emotional/physical support for people with cancer including palliative care and recovery

  • Menstrual issues - PMS, dysmenorrhea, menopause

  • Emotional challenges, life transitions, shock, loss, anxiety

Receivers often find that after a Shiatsu they feel an improvement in their general health and well being and even a greater sense of energy, vitality and life flow.


60 Minutes - £55

£15 extra for home visit

Holistic and Therapeutic Massage Treatment

My treatment style combines all my trainings - I often describe it as Deep Tissue Massage because I work deeply with sustained but relaxed pressure (depth depending on the receiver’s wishes-I encourage feedback and interactivity…this is your massage after all!) but I also treat holistically; whilst I bring focus to parts of the body that may need extra attention, I never work on anywhere in isolation. As Plato said "The part can never be well unless the whole is well."

Similarly, the physical body is only one expression of our being and I always approach the body with this awareness. I bring in my skills as a Shiatsu practitioner, sometimes holding Acu-points but always combining skillfull and sensitive physical contact with energetic connectivity.  

head massage in Bristol

Massage has numerous health benefits:

  • relaxation of tight muscles

  • improved circulation

  • a strengthened nervous system

  • improved joint mobility and ease of movement

  • release of toxins

  • easing of ailments such as back pain, arthritis and headaches

  • Supports the ventral vagal nervous system

Massage is also beneficial to psychological and emotional well-being. Touch is a powerful medium for ensuring we feel cared for, connected and safe. 


75 Minutes - £65

90 Minutes - £75

£15 extra for home visit

baby massage in Bristol

Baby Therapies

Give your baby the best possible start in life and see the amazing results that Developmental Baby Massage can bring. The first year of life is crucial in the development of the child and of the adult the child will become. Babies thrive when they feel they are welcome, safe, loved and accepted. They come to know these things through us; our touch, our interaction, our engaged presence. Offer this gift by learning how you can hold, play with and massage your baby and you are laying down the strongest foundations from which your little one can thrive.

Developmental Baby Massage - Therapeutic Treatment For Your Baby
In one treatment, I incorporate aspects of baby massage, shiatsu, baby yoga, baby body language therapy and developmental movement patterning to provide therapeutic support for babies from birth up to walking age. I work with your baby through clothes at the pace that they are happy with. You-the parent are always present and involved. Babies often make a developmental leap after only one session.


60 Minutes - £35

£15 extra for home visit

dōTERRA Essential Oils

What is an Essential Oil?

Essential oils are pure extracts of natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers or other parts of plants. The oil is like the life blood of a plant; transporting oxygen and vital nutrients around the plant, repairing structural damage, protecting the plant from disease and warding off predators. 

Because our cells are similar to plant cells, we can easily absorb and metabolise essential oils at a cellular level; benefitting from the healing nature of essential oils just as plants do.

Essential oils are very powerful and potent and need to be treated with due care and respect. They are in fact 50-70 times more powerful than dried herbs and so just one or two drops is enough to have a powerful impact on the body or the way we feel.

Because they are highly concentrated, a little goes a very long way and they are a safe, effective and affordable alternative to many synthetic products/remedies.

For a unique essential oil experience book in for an Aromatouch.