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Holistic Therapist in Bristol

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Leonie Klein is a fully qualified and experienced practitioner offering Zen Shiatsu and Massage sessions from The Alma Vale Centre in Bristol. She uses her intuitive touch and sensitivity to give powerful and transformative bodywork treatments.

Meet Leonie

Leonie Klein - Massage Therapist in Bristol

My Approach

I am ever awed by the simple, yet incredible power of touch to invite healing, provoke transformation and to bring us back into a sense of connection.

Healing means ‘to make whole’ and I believe that coming back to wholeness is a movement towards self-acceptance and self- love. We realise that everything is already inherently and intimately connected. We are already whole. Therapeutically, my approach is to welcome what ‘is’, including the parts we may naturally resist; the discomfort, pain, contraction, fears, resentment, wants, doubts, exhaustion, symptoms of illness....

When we engage with and listen to the body speak, and embrace the richness and wonders of all that we are, we can access the innate life force energy that moves within us and open ourselves to the abundant resources available to us. Profound and lasting transformation can take place.

I offer deep releasing bodywork that is led by the wisdom of your body to help bring you back into alignment with your true state of vitality, dynamic health and emotional wellbeing.

“It is not by becoming someone different that we free ourselves, but by becoming more fully who we are”
from ‘Meditating with Character’ by Kamalamani



“I go to Leonie regularly for shiatsu and also deep tissue massage work. She is probably the most intuitive and effective practitioner I have ever been to. Her treatments are transformative.” Ali McArthur

I’ve had many massages over the years but without question a massage from Leonie Klein is the best I’ve ever had. It’s a sublime experience ~ unique ~ borderline ethereal! Leonie responds to you as an individual, never does the same massage twice and never treats you as just another client. Her attention to detail and perception of your body’s aches and pains is wonderfully reassuring and healing. I’ve recommended Leonie to everyone I know and I always describe her in one simple word ~ ‘magical’.Helen McNicholas



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