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Leonie Klein is an experienced and highly skilled practitioner, based in Bristol, who uses her intuitive touch and sensitivity to give powerful and transformative bodywork treatments.

Hi, my name is Leonie and I’ve been a bodywork practitioner in Bristol for over 16 years. Touch is the first language that we learn, before we are even born and I am passionate about the incredible of it’s power to bring connection, transformation and healing. Since I was a teenager I have explored many different approaches to bodywork, massage and energy healing. I have a solid background of training in both theory and practice in all my disciplines which allows me to work intuitively, allowing my hands and heart to guide me through each treatment. Through the therapies I offer we can tune in to the wisdom of your body and by bringing this deeper awareness an invitation is made for your body's own self healing capacity to engage and enliven.

“It is not by becoming someone different that we free ourselves, but by becoming more fully who we are”
from ‘Meditating with Character’ by Kamalamani
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“I had a shiatsu from Leonie today and I can honestly say it was one of the best bodywork treatments I have had in a very long time. She seemed to have a knowing of exactly what I needed. A perfect balance of being held with deep understanding and patience as well as getting in there with powerful pressure and moving through the stuckness.”
Alex Turner MBAcC, MRSS(T)

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Shiatsu in Bristol - A Deeply Relaxing and Replenishing Treatment

Shiatsu in Bristol.

Shiatsu is a safe and effective holistic bodywork therapy that supports and strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. It is a clothed treatment given on a futon on the floor. I treat intuitively, working into acupressure points and using stretches and limb rotations to open, connect and create space and movement within the body.

Shiatsu works by treating the whole person, rather than focussing on single ailment or point of discomfort. Through the simple power of touch, Shiatsu engages the body's innate wisdom and healing resources to bring integration of all that we are.

Although deeply satisfying at a physical level, Shiatsu is not just a physical treatment as it includes the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of being. Receivers often find that after a Shiatsu, they feel an improvement in their general health and well being and even a greater sense of energy, vitality and life's direction.

Shiatsu treatment can be of therapeutic benefit to all kinds of health issues, such as those caused by a stressful lifestyle, illness, trauma and the emotional causes of pain and disease.

A regular maintenance programme of shiatsu in Bristol is an excellent way to sustain wellness and improve vitality.
If you are ready to make a change, book in today for a treatment in my Bristol clinic.

Holistic Massage in Bristol Release Stress, Relax and Energise

Massage in Bristol can help relieve both physical and emotional stress. SMassage stimulates activation of the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS), the part of the nervous system that controls the relaxation response.

When the PNS is balanced and active, the body has the ability to move into deep states of rest, encouraging blood flow to the organs, a lowered heartbeat, healthy digestion, strong immunity, relaxed sensory processing, and improved sleeping patterns.

Suffering From Insomnia?

Leonie is experienced with working with clients to release stress in the body.

Relief From Back Pain?

Whether it's a dull ache in the lower back, painful sciatica or stiff shoulders, Massage can provide relief to many kinds of back pain. Get rid of your pain killers and find a new lease of life when you experience the freedom of movement that regular treatments can provide. Book your massage or Shiatsu in Bristol and feel better!

A natural way to stay healthy?

Do you have recurring health issues, feel run down, stressed, anxious or irritable?
Would you like to feel more relaxed or grounded, feel at ease in your body, more present and energised? …..more ALIVE?

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Massage in Bristol
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Baby Therapies in Bristol

Give your baby the best possible start in life and see the amazing results that Developmental Baby Massage can bring. The first year of life is crucial in the development of the child and of the adult the child will become. Babies thrive when they feel they are welcome, safe, loved and accepted. They come to know these things through us; our touch, our interaction, our engaged presence. Offer this gift by learning how you can hold, play with and massage your baby and you are laying down the strongest foundations from which your little one can thrive.

Developmental Baby Massage - Therapeutic Treatment For Your Baby
In one treatment, I incorporate aspects of baby massage, shiatsu, baby yoga, baby body language therapy and developmental movement patterning to provide therapeutic support for babies from birth up to walking age. I work with your baby through clothes at the pace that they are happy with. You-the parent are always present and involved. Babies often make a developmental leap after only one session.
Developmental Baby Massage - bonding, 1-2-1 time and positive touch.

Postnatal Recovery Yoga - to release tension, tone-up and recovery from birth.

Baby Yoga - fun physical stimulation, multi-sensory learning and baby games.

Baby Shiatsu - soothing techniques and help with baby ailments such as teething, constipation, wind and colic.

Developmental Support- new ways to pick baby up, help with tummy time, useful carrying positions, help moving your baby through developmental stages.

Running at venues across Bristol, this course provides a relaxed, baby-led environment for you to spend quality time bonding with your baby.
The classes are designed to offer the support and skills you need to navigate early parenthood as well as being a great opportunity to meet and share with others. For babies from 6 weeks to 6 months. Perfect for new and experienced parents alike. For older or younger babies just call me.
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Registered member of the Shiatsu Society

My Professional Development

I am a registered member of the Shiatsu Society (MRSS) and have been a qualified shiatsu practitioner since 2001 having completed four years of training and am now offering Shiatsu in Bristol.

Since then I have been developing my practice through continued postgraduate shiatsu training, specialisation in postnatal and infant shiatsu and explorations into a more energy based therapeutic approach through chakra and light-body healing.

In 2007 I qualified as Baby Yoga and Massage Instructor and then in 2012 as a teacher of postnatal yoga and Developmental Baby Massage. I have been teaching mother and baby yoga and baby massage, individually and in groups in Bristol since then.

In 2012 I completed a three year training in Baby Therapy with Karlton Terry. This is a technique of perceiving Baby Body Language as a way to therapeutically address babies’ pre and peri-natal experiences. This training underpins both my Shiatsu practice and work with babies.

I am currently assisting postgraduate training at the Bristol School of Shiatsu having completed an assisting role for the three year training. I am also currently volunteering Shiatsu to cancer patients at the Macmillan Wellbeing Centre at Southmead Hospital.

I am a fully registered and insured member of the Shiatsu Society (MRSS). I am under ongoing supervision in my various therapeutic disciplines.
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Alma Vale Centre, Clifton, Bristol
Essential Oils Support Your Body To Heal Itself

Headaches-IBS-Back Problems-High Blood Pressure-Adrenal Fatigue-Anxiety-Insomnia-Overweight-Nausea-Digestive Disorders-PMS-Allergies-Poor Libido-Fatigue-Depression…Yes! There's an oil for that!

I work with premium grade doTerra oils to provide you with the very best essential oil care that nature offers.

These superior quality oils have been gently and carefully distilled from plants specifically chosen for their ideal extract composition and efficiacy.

The oils have been rigorously tested and certified as Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) and so are recognised as naturally safe, highly potent, 100% pure therapeutic essential oil.

The amazing healing power of nature’s plants is available for you and your family to discover right now.

Learn how simple it could be to use just two or three of these amazing oils in your daily life and you will never look back.

“I went to Leonie following the birth of my daughter and it was the single best gift I could have given myself as a new mother. Leonie brings her innate wisdom and nurturing presence to facilitate personal healing and rebalancing on a deep level. I would highly recommend her to any woman in need of some replenishing space to reconnect with herself.”
Rebecca smart

Bristol - European Green Capital
Massage Therapy In Bristol
Bristol is a culturally vibrant city with a diverse population and a thriving economy. Bristol was named as the best place to live by the Sunday Times in 2014 and was named the European Green Capital in 2015. Although London remains the Powerhouse of the UK, Bristol is the economic hub of the Southwest. Over the last five years, Bristol’s economy has grown by over 19.2%. The growth in economy spreads across most industries from manufacturing to real estate and agriculture. Real estate has been the major driver of economic growth. Property prices have risen over the last couple of years as new businesses move into the city and the population keeps growing. This growth brings challenges like traffic congestion and overpopulation is certain areas. The government has responded positively to the negative impact earning the city the place on the Rockefeller 100 Resilient Cities’ list. Bristol is regarded as a strong academic cluster along with Oxford and Cambridge. The SetSquared in the Temple Quay Enterprise Zone is regarded as the best University business start-up incubator in Europe. Bristol is expected to keep growing as investments continue to pour into the city.
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